• 18 Apr, 2024

Rain Season Victoria Falls

Rain Season Victoria Falls

The rainy season at Victoria Falls is typically from November to March, with the heaviest rains occurring from January to March. During this time, the falls are at their fullest and most spectacular, with water levels reaching their peak and the tremendous force of the water creating a thunderous roar that can be heard from miles away. The spray from the falls can reach up to 400 meters high, creating a mist that can be seen from miles away and often creating rainbows and even moonbows.

While the rainy season can be a great time to visit Victoria Falls for the sheer spectacle of the falls, it can also make it challenging to see the falls themselves. The heavy mist and spray can obscure the view of the falls, making it difficult to get a clear view. Visitors should also be aware that the trails and viewing platforms can be slippery and muddy during the rainy season, so appropriate footwear is essential.

Despite the challenges, the rainy season can also be a great time to enjoy the many activities and attractions in and around Victoria Falls. The high water levels make it a great time for white-water rafting and other water-based activities, and the lush greenery and vibrant wildlife make for a beautiful backdrop for activities such as safaris and nature walks.

Overall, the rainy season at Victoria Falls is a unique and awe-inspiring experience that is well worth considering for those who are interested in experiencing the full power and beauty of one of the world's greatest natural wonders.